HTML <meter> Tag

HTML <meter> Tag

In this tutorial, we will learn about meter tag in HTML with the help of examples.

<meter> Tag

Meter tag <meter> is used to define a scaler measurement within a known range(or a gauge), or a fictional value.




<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Meter Tag</title>
    <meter value = "6" min = "0" max = "10">6 out of 10</meter>


6 out of 10

Specific Attribute

Attribute Value Description
form form_id It specifies one or more forms
high number It specifies high value range
low number It specifies low value range
max number It specifies the maximum value of the range
min number It specifies the minimum value of the range
optimum number It specifies the optimal value
value number It specifies the current value of the gauge

Note : The value attribute is must required inside the <meter> tag.

Global Attribute

Meter Tag support all the global attributes of HTML.

Event Attribute

Meter Tag support all the event attributes of HTML.

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