HTML <datalist> Tag

HTML <datalist> Tag

In this tutorial, we will learn about datalist tag in HTML with the help of examples.

<datalist> Tag

Datalist tag <datalist> is used to specify a list of pre-defined option for an <input> tag i.e. when the user input something then some options are appears (related to the first input value) which are predefined in <datalist> tag.

Note : <datalist> tag id attribute must be equal to the <input> tag list attribute to relate them with each other.




<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Datalist Tag</title>
    <input list = "ProgrammingLanguage">
    <datalist id = "ProgrammingLanguage">
      <option value = "C">
      <option value = "C++">
      <option value = "Java">
      <option value = "Python">
      <option value = "Javascript">


Global Attribute

Datalist Tag support all the global attributes of HTML.

Event Attribute

Datalist Tag support all the event attributes of HTML.

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