C For Loop vs While Loop | while Loop & do-while Loop

C For Loop vs While Loop | while Loop & do-while Loop

In this tutorial, we will learn about Difference between For Loop & While Loop, and while Loop & do-while Loop.

For Loop vs While Loop

for loop while loop
Initialization may be either in loop statement or outside the loop. Initialization is always outside the loop.
Once the statements is executed then after increment is done. Increment can be done before or after the execution of the statement.
It is normanlly used when the number of iteration is known. It is normally used when the number of iterations is unknown.
Condition is a relational expression. Condition may be expression or non-zero value.
It is used when initialization and increment is simple. It is used for complex initialization.
For is entry Controlled loop. while is also entry controlled loop.
for (initialization; condition; iteration) {statement(s);} while(condition){statement(s);}
for loop used only when we already knew the number of iterations. while loop used only when the number of iteration are not exactly known.

While Loop vs do-while Loop

while loop do-while loop
Condition is checked first then statement(s) is executed Statement(s) is executed atleast once, thereafter condition is checked.
It might occur statement(s) is executed zero times, if condition is false. Atleast once the statement(s) is executed.
No semicolon at the end of while. while(condition) Brackets are always rewuired.
Variable in condition is initialized before the execution of loop. Variable may be initialized before or within the loop.
while loop is entry controlled loop. do-while loop is exit controlled loop.
while(condition){statement(s);} do{statement(s)}while(condition);
The iteration do not occur if, the condition at the first iteration, appears false. The iteration occurs atleast once even if the condition is false at the first iteration.

We hope that this tutorial helped you develop better understanding of the concept of Difference b/w for loop, while loop & do-while loop in C.

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