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C Decision making & Loops-1 MCQs

C Decision making & Loops-1

1. Choose a right C Statement.

a) Loops or Repetition block executes a group of statements repeatedly
b) Loop is usually executed as long as a condition is met
c) Loops usually take advantage of Loop Counter
d) All the above

2. Loops in C Language are implemented using?

a) While Block
b) For Block
c) Do While Block
d) All the above

3. Which loop is faster in C Language, for, while or Do While?

a) for
b) while
c) do while
d) All work at same speed

4. If block always need to be assoicated with a else block?

a) True
b) False

5. Which of the following is binary operator?

a) &&
b) ||
c) both i & ii
d) !

6. The conditional operator are also known as

a) Relational operator
b) Binary operator
c) Ternary operator
d) Arithematic operator

7. What will be the value of y if x = 8?
y = (x  > 6 ? 4 : 6);

a) Compilation Error
b) 0
c) 4
d) 6

8. Which of the following operator reverses the result of expression it operators on

a) !
b) ||
c) &&
d) All of the above

9. If you have to make decision based on multiple choices, which of the following is best suited?

a) if
b) if-else
c) if-else-if
d) All of the above

10. The continue statment cannot be used with ________

a) for
b) while
c) do while
d) switch

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