C Program to find ASCII value of a Character

C Program to Find ASCII Value of a Character

In this example, we will learn to find the ASCII value of a character.

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To understand this example, you should have the knowledge of the following C programming topics:

What is ASCII value ?

In C programming, when we store a character variable then the variable does not store the character itself , it stores the ASCII value (an integer number between 0 and 127) of that character.

For example,
the ASCII value of 'I' is 73.

It means, when we store the character 'I' in a variable then the integer value 73 is stored in that variable rather than itself.

Program to Print ASCII Value

#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
  char a;
  printf("Enter a character : ");
  scanf("%c", &a);
  printf("ASCII value of %c = %d", a, a);
  return 0;


Enter a character : r
ASCII value of r = 114

Working of the above program

  • First we declare a character variable a to store character entered by the user.
  • char a;
  • Then we asked the user to enter a character.
  • printf("Enter a character : ");
  • Then we take the user input using scanf() function and store the entered value in variable a.
  • scanf("%c", &a);
  • Finally, we print the value of variable a using %c format specifier and %d to print the integer ASCII value in printf() function.
  • printf("ASCII value of %c = %d", a, a);

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